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Project 2: Elegant home

The specifics

The project you can see here was done for our client from the United States, Los Angeles more precisely. It is designed to be modern, elegant, and to impress all the nearby views. The Project was successfully completed and it was constructed within 8 months since our delivery. There were no complications or anything similar.

Inside you can see the modern design, 10 rooms, and 4 bathrooms. The layout of the house is extremely convenient and practical, according to the request of our client. It is a perfect house for a family or can be transferred into a commercial facility easily. The exterior had to be modern as well so you can see the amazing look. It will look even better on direct sunlight or when you take a look at the details. The glass you can see here came from Italy and ti is reserved for previous facilities only.

The home is personal property so we cannot give more details. All we wanted to do is to provide you details about what we can do and why we are the best.



Catharine Smith



Start date:


End date:



Los Angeles

Chief architect:

Joseph Rex