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Las Vegas project

Details about the project

This project was successfully completed in Las Vegas and it is one of the most stunning and the best-looking hotels at the moment. Thanks to modern architecture, plenty of details, and a few secrets it will remain like that for a long period of time. It is a masterpiece simply put.

The hotel has 33 rooms inside, a bad, a pool and it also offers an open pool for the guests. The attention from our architectures was mostly focused on the accommodation and luxury so you can see expensive materials, elegant exterior, and an even better interior. After all, we had to think outside a box and to provide an amazing result within months. The client requested the hotel to be ready within 3 months so we have a lot of work to complete, as you may know already.

The hotel is ready for you and you can visit it at any given moment. Make sure to prepare yourself for a great time thanks to the great location and even better accommodation.



Mark Miller



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End date:



Las Vegas

Chief architect:

Joseph Rex