Sa, 18 October: 10 a.m. - 18 p.m.
So, 19 October: 10. 30 a.m - 18 p.m.

Former State Mint, Molkenmarkt 2, 10179 Berlin-Mitte

On 18th and 19th of October the symposium of Megastructure Reloaded will be held at the exhibition venue. International scholars, urbanists and architects will address the urban-design and social aspects of the subject along with art-historical considerations. The programme of the symposium is developed in cooperation with the Archigram Archives, London.

The symposium will focus on the definition of megastructure, the historical and theoretical context of megastructuralism and its protagonists such as Constant, Friedman, Archigram, Archizoom and Superstudio. Further topics are the realised megastructures, the utopian aspect of megastructuralism and the connection between the ‘visionary’ movements in architecture of the 1960ties and 70ties with the more pragmatic foundation of New Towns especially in Great Britain and the Netherlands.

Another part of the symposium is dedicated to art historical aspects of megastructuralism such as the visual strategies of Archigram or Superstudio and their close connection to the 1960s art scene and pop culture. This part also includes a guided tour through the exhibition, where the original drawings and models can be seen.

Finally the symposium will discuss the afterlife of megastructure in the museum and in urban developments from the 1960ies until today. The currency and relevance of the megastructure ideas for the growing problem of today’s Megacities and contemporary urban planning, especially in the ‚Newly Industrialising Countries’ will be reconsidered.

Dominique Rouillard will provide a comprehensive introduction into the subject, Marie-Theres Stauffer and Gian Piero Frassinelli will discuss the visual strategies of Superstudio and Archizoom, Florian Urban and Wolfgang Fiel look at similarities and differences in the concepts of the Japanese metabolists and the European protagonist of the spatial city, Stephan Schütz (Gerkan, Marg und Partner) will present the urban design of Lingang New City in China, Dennis Crompton, William Menking, Philipp Oswalt and Eckhard Schulze-Fielitz will discuss the feasibility of Megastructure for Megacities. 

If you wish to participate, please send an email to . The fee is 20 Euros / 10 Euros for students.

As of 16 October 2008, subject to modifications

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October 15th, 2008

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