A quick guide to App controlled Vibrating Dildos.

Vibrating dildos have become quite commonplace amongst sex toys. While you may have already chosen your best dildo for yourself, this vibrating dildo is of a different breed.


While many of the users also experiment with them with their partners, most people who have used a sex toy or a vibrating dildo, specifically, may still use it majorly for self-pleasure. All these “best dildos” available out there come with numerous features and add-ons such as thrusting and vibration patterns- some even suck on the clitoris. The buttons usually control these choices on the device or a handy remote control. But what if we say there are now available vibrating dildos that an app can control?


Sounds gimmicky, no?

It is not; it is a whole other experience- with or without your partner. A sex toy controlled with an app opens avenues for programmable sessions so that you don’t have to tell your dildo what to do every time; your vibrating dildo becomes a whole person who can mix and match vibrating patterns with thrusting and sucking actions making your experience with your best dildo a little less monotonous and a lot more variable every time you hop on.


A boon for long-distance couples

For couples in long-distance relationships, the app makes all the difference. It allows your partner to use their technique to get you to toe-curling orgasms. Video calls and vibrators help a lot, but this adds a layer of personalization to the whole experience.


Not only this, many of these app-controlled vibrating dildos can be synced together or with other app-controlled sex toys like a pair of speakers that produce the same sound, except, of course, in this case, producing similar vibrating and thrusting patterns giving a feeling of physical closeness even when far away.


For self-pleasure

Mind you; these are not just for couples separated by distance; these app-controlled sex toys are among some of the best dildos out there because of the increased degree of personalization. Bored of the same monotonous vibrating and thrusting, in some of these vibrating dildos, users can also program numerous features like a playlist of sexual pleasure, where you can choose what your dildo does after what allowing you to experiment without having to struggle with the remote or the buttons. Set your playlist and the pleasure list, lay back, and enjoy the session on the pleasure ferry.


Personalized pleasure

Vibrating dildos come with a range of vibration patterns and speeds. With an app, as already mentioned, you can mix and match and create your pleasure list. But that is not all; you may not like any existing patterns or speeds; the technology has come to a point where you can now easily personalize your vibrating pattern and speed however you may like it to be, of course, with some hardware limits. When paired with your favorite type of dildo, you can count on this app for some earth-shattering experience.


With more and more vibrators out there, it gets challenging to choose the right one, the one that fits; these app-controlled vibrating dildos can be counted as some of the best dildos as they solve this problem of finding the right fit as the app allows you to customize your dildo into what is suitable for you and in some cases for you and your partner both. Whatever shape or features one might like their best dildo to have, this add-on of app controllability adds unmatched versatility.


Bedroom play or Public Naughtiness

Some of these app-controlled vibrating dildos come with their own set of panties, making them comfortable to wear for even hours at length, allowing for a certain degree of mischief while going through various daily chores. In the bedroom, the range of versatility allows for enacting the foreplay as well, allowing partners far away or even in close range to have some programmed fun.


Safety features

Your vibrating dildo may be the best dildo for pleasuring, but it might not be the right fit if it does not pass all safety standards. Feature-packed sex toys such as these contain various electrical and electronic parts. One must be wary of the materials used to make these vibrating dildos to avoid any infections or complications. The best dildo is the one made from body-safe materials and is waterproof. Considering these app-controlled dildos are susceptible to bugs or hacks, one must make sure their dildo has an override on it to prevent any mishappening as these pleasure machines can become quite painful if not used the right way.


With these things making their way into your phone and on the internet, it may cause various privacy and data concerns. So be sure that you use best security practices so that your sensitive information does not get out – a VPN may prove handy here. Since in the sex toy space, not much technical sophistication is involved, the minimal thing you can ask is that your sex toy company doesn’t make their program haphazardly. You have the right to ask for the kind of data being collected from your usage, and you should be able to choose not to share.



These app-controlled vibrating dildos open new avenues of sensations you might not have experienced before. The rich versatility allows for deeper connections and a more personalized experience. In addition to that, handing over the control allows you to explore new patterns which you might not go into on your own. The versatility and personalized experience make these the right fit for your best dildo.