A comprehensive bilingual catalogue is available published by Hatje Cantz (ISBN 978-3-7757-2216-2). With 368 pages and more than 150 color illustrations it features texts by Eilfried Huth, Thilo Hilpert, Carsten Krohn, Tom McDonough, Pelin Tan, Marie Theres Stauffer, Hadas Steiner, Joyce Tsai, Florian Urban, and others. The catalogue, edited by Sabrina van der Ley and Markus Richter, investigates the subject in more depth, tracing the megastructuralists' historical precursors as the soviet linear cities, and examining the relationship between the Megastructure-avantgarde and e COrbusier. The movement's individual protagonists will be presented in detail and there are introductions on all the artists. Moreover, there will be ten artists' plug-ins, visual essays by each of the participating artists presenting their personal approach towards the concept of megastructure.