Archizoom Associati was founded in Florence in 1966 by Andrea Branzi, Gilberto Coretti, Paolo Deganello and Massimo Morozzi. In 1968 they were joined by Dario and Lucia Bartolini. By 1974 the group had dissolved again. The name clearly refers to Archigram (the title for the fourth issue of Archigram magazine was ZOOM! Amazing Archigram). Archizoom can be seen as the initiators of Anti-Design; their members radically questioned the traditional status-function and fetish-nature of design, interior design and architecture production. They achieved international recognition with their participation in the exhibition Superarchitettura in Pistoia (1966) and Modena (1967) in collaboration with the group Superstudio. In 1969 their No-Stop City caused a furore.

No-Stop City/ Interior Landscape, 1969

Andrea Branzi wrote about the project: The real revolution in radical architecture is the revolution of kitsch: mass cultural consumption, pop art, an industrial-commercial language. There is the idea of radicalizing the industrial component of modern architecture to the extreme. (1)